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Closed rp w/lucy Arranged marriage au





Hiccup sighed again, the snake tangling itself on his arm as he caressed the animal. Green eyes glanced to the window of the carriage, taking the place in. Their neighbor kingdom was certainly breathtakingly beautiful, but Hiccup couldn’t concentrate on the landscaping sights.

"Must I, father?" He asked for what must have been the thousandth time.
Stoick only sighed. “We went over this, Hiccup. The barbarians are many, and it is better to be safe than sorry. We are making alliances.” Their common enemy united the neighboring kingdoms in negotiation, and King North had proposed an unbreakable alliance.
The word sent chills down Hiccup’s spine. It wasn’t the fact that his betrothed was another boy that bothered him - it was the fact that he never met the character before. He’d only heard stories of Prince Jack. He was rumored to be a troublemaker, and although he was eighteen of age just like Hiccup, he seemed to act many years younger.
Prince Hiccup knew his duties, though. Since he was little he knew he’d never be able to marry for love. He just didn’t think it’d happen so soon.
He supposed it was good that he had never fallen in love before. He’d be heartbroken now.
But he was sure that he wouldn’t fall for his soon to be husband, either.

Jack found himself slumped in his throne the knight that has been keeping him in line grumbling next to him. Aster and him went far back. from the moment Jack has been able to crawl out of the window to escape to play with kids his age. 

Aster was an apprentice under a great knight and saw Jack run out and quickly chased him down. 

Now you can think it was unprovoked and selfless that… would be a lie. 

Jack actually threw mud at him to distract him and Bunny got pissed and chased after him.

They have been on a rocky relationship since then.

"I don’t want to do this, he is from the barabrian area." Jack grumbled.

"Oh shut off it."

"Watch! He is going to be huge! All ripping in disgusting muscle and have a beard."

"He is your age." Aster rolled his eyes. 

"Exactly." Jack hissed crawling up and kneeling on the throne to be eye level with the taller man.

"You are over reacting like usual." Jack groaned and fell back onto his throne.

"Gezze all he is going to care about is war and hunting." jack sighed.

"The lads name is Hiccup."

"I could be ironic…."

"Come off it not like he is going to back out just because you are throwing a fit so put on a smile and accept it." Jack’s eyes lit up and a mischvievious gleam came into his eyes.

"Your right bunny! completely right." Jack grinned.

"Bloody hell." 

Stoick was losing his patience. There was no where to escape his son’s sarcastic comments on that carriage.
“He probably doesn’t even have to shave yet,” Hiccup said with crossed arms. He knew he wasn’t getting away from the deal, but that didn’t mean his father wouldn’t hear his piece of mind on it.
Hiccup had spent the entire trip quiet up until now, but entering King North’s border he started talking and had yet to shut up.
“He is three months younger than you, Hiccup.” His father replied. He was lucky the prince hadn’t attempted an escape. He’d gladly take all his complaints on the way if it meant Hiccup would still marry Prince Jack in the end.
That didn’t mean he had to like it, though.
“Oh good, for a moment I thought you’d marry me off to a 12-year-old stranger. Thank Thor it’s just a stranger.”
“We’re here,” Stoick said in relief.
Hiccup looked at the window, mouth falling open as he watched the castle come into view. “…wow,” he managed to say.
“You’ll like it, son. The wedding party will be held here, and you two will live in our country palace.”
“Wait, he’s living with us?” Hiccup turned to his father. But didn’t that mean the younger prince was taking advantage of them, or something like that?
“No, son, I’m returning to our castle and King North is staying in his. Yours and Prince Jack’s new home will be our country palace, which is near the border. So you’ll both be close to home and it won’t favor any of you. King North and I discussed it and it just didn’t seem right to make any of you go live in the other’s house with the other’s father.”
“Yes of course you both discussed the matter thoroughly,” Hiccup mumbled.
“So,” Stoick ignored him. “You’ll both have to adapt to your new life together in a new place. You even get an advantage, Hiccup, since you’ve been to the country palace a few times already.”
“Oh, yes, I feel so favored,” green eyes rolled in annoyance.
The carriage came to a stop, and a footman asked their names to introduce them to the Castle’s inhabitants.
Hiccup breathed in and out to steady himself. It was time.

It was time. Jack grimaced as the jolly King next to him was quick to tell Jack.
Jack sent a despairing look to Bunny who pulled off his gauntlet and smacked the back if the princes head quickly and told him to smile.
Jack only gave him a puppy dog eyed look. Large blue eyes sending pity looks hoping someone would take pity on his poor soul.
Normally he was better with this. He just had that charisma. But none payed mind as Jack fate was sealed.
A footman came in like a messenger of death in Jack’s mind and announced new faces in the castle.
"King Stoick the Vast and Prince Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third!" This was the rare moment Bunny and Jack both agreed on something that had them glancing to each other seriously? Bunny held back his laugh as Jack openly grinned. It was too perfect.
Bunny sent a withering glare but Jack only whispered.
"You told me to smile."
"Welcome!" North boomed.
The man walked in and god he was as big as North! All beard too! Just a red fluffy forest on the large man. Like seriously those arms were the size of small children!
But when the prince walked in he could feel the smugness rolling off of bunny.
Hiccup was well….
Nothing like he expected.
He was thin and gangly like he was still growing into his own body. Scruffy brown hair and a face full if freckles. He had and emerald attire with silver and black undertones and had a weird black piece that looked scaly coiled up his arm and around his waist.
No giant man child.
But a normal teen with fucking weird fashion sense.
Still doesn’t mean he couldn’t act like a barbarian….
Or that Jack could pull off his prank enough to get someone to back out of this. So he kept his smile and walked with North up to the royals.




Feminism had a noble cause for equality until it became a hate movement .

People have been accusing feminism of being a hate movement since women started trying to get the right to vote. 




YUP! Remember this when people say feminism has gone too far! Because treating women as full human beings has always been seen as “going too far”.